BTPTA Officer Job Descriptions


  • Schedule, prepare and preside at all meetings of the local PTA and of the executive committee/board
  • Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by these bylaws or assigned by the local PTA or by the executive committee board
  • Coordinate the work of the officers and committees
  • Represent the PTA in all meetings with school administration, BOE and county PTA
  • Address various memberships groups as needed throughout the year :
    • Kindergarten Orientation
    • Staff Appreciation Lunch
    • Back to School Night
    • Budget information night
    • 8th Grade Graduation
    • Staff orientation day
    • Principal staff meetings
  • Distribution of all national, state and county PTA information to executive board


VP of Communications

  • Develop a communications plan for the year.  Present plan and standing rules to Board of Directors by September meeting (to be reviewed and amended as needed in January)
  • Create and maintain all lists, ensuring privacy. Lists include, but are not limited to: Student/class lists, Family directory, Staff directory, PTA memberships, etc.  Update lists as needed.
  • Email/Communicate to all appropriate lists on behalf of PTA board and committees
  • Provide marketing support to all chairs and committees
  • Oversee and/or chair all communication committees. VP responsible for continual proofing and editing of content.
    • Webmaster – Maintain the website with information submitted by committees.
    • Newsletter – Publish weekly/bi-monthly/monthly newsletter. Information submitted by committees
    • Social Media – Create events, and maintain page. Answer messages in a timely manner.
    • Community Outreach – Public Relations, Township newsletter, fundraising program, communications as needed


Vice President of Events

  • Assist the President (as needed) in the day-to-day running and decision making of the PTA
    • Perform the duties of the president in the President’s absence or inability to serve
  • Serve as committee chairperson liaison for service and event committees.  Responsibilities include:
    • Schedule and run (along with the Treasurer) a committee chairperson orientation meeting at the beginning of the school year
    • Deliver chair people pertinent information such as volunteer lists, letterhead, and any other information needed
    • Provide event chairs the allergy aware/inclusion protocol
    • Proof any flyers for events, then send to school Principal for approval,  followed by the secretary to the school administrator for approval, then submit to VP of Communications for Newsletter & Website
    • Make event chair aware they need to submit to the school office a list of parents that will be entering the school during school hours
    • Follow up with the chairperson during and after the event to see how things are going and whether or not they wish to chair the event again
  • Report at monthly membership meetings:
    • Any executive board meetings held during the month
    • Meetings held with the administration
    • Items voted on by the board
    • Committee Reports for committee chairs who are not present



  • Maintain bank account for the BTPTA, working with Finance and Audit Committees
  • Receive funds, deposit funds and write checks ·  Disburse funds: reimbursement to members, payment of invoices·  Enter all bank transactions in QuickBooks· Reconcile bank statement and QuickBooks·  Maintain paperwork to support all transactions for audit· Cash box distribution· Prepare reports/ summarize activity for Membership meetings
  • Develop & modify financial and committee communication forms as appropriate (Funds Request, Funds Submission, Event Summaries)
  • Financial training of Chairpersons
  • Annually:  Send payments quarterly to NJPTA·Charitable Organization/ Tax filing (Dec.)· Prepare budget  (July/Aug)·   Close books (July) and provide support for Audit Committee



  • As the newly elected PTA Executive Board Recording and Corresponding Secretaries, we would like to introduce ourselves.
    • Recording Secretary (NEEDED), will be responsible for the secretary report, all meeting agendas, all meeting minutes and Sign In Sheets, as well as the BTPTA Facebook.
    • Corresponding Secretary, will be responsible for Facilities and Fire Safety permits, Insurance contracts, Food Hospitality, Babysitting and Thank You notes as well as the BTPTA Facebook.
  • The purpose of the PTA is to support the faculty, staff, parents, and most importantly our students.  Thank you for your continued support.   Feel free to reach us at