eBoxTops from ShopRite

About ShopRite® For My School

ShopRite stores plan to give up to $1 Million to local schools throughout the school year!

What is ShopRite for My School

ShopRite For My School is a program ShopRite has developed with the goal of contributing up to $1 million of much needed funds to local schools. These funds will be delivered via eBoxTops™ offers throughout the school year (7/31/16-7/30/17).

Register and Participate

You must register to earn eBoxTops and Bonus Box Tops for your school. By registering on this site and participating in monthly bonus offers, you can earn cash for your school.

How It Works

  • Register: After arriving at the ShopRite For My School site, set up your profile by entering the information required, and select the school that you would like to receive your earned eBoxTops. The selected school must be Box Tops For Education™ eligible. You may only register for ShopRite For My School once per Price Plus® club card on this site.
  • Purchase*: When you buy the specified number of participating General Mills, Reynolds, Hefty, Land O’Lakes, Ziploc, Lysol, and Finish Box Tops for Education products and/or select ShopRite private label products during a bonus offer promotional period and swipe your registered Price Plus® clubcard, eBoxTops are credited to your school, and you will be automatically entered into a sweepstakes for even more eBoxTops that could help your school surpass its earning goal for the year! *No purchase necessary to enter sweepstakes (since a purchase is required for the 25 eBoxTops). Click here for full rules.
  • Check out our Tools to Help You Earn tab for participating product lists so you can build your shopping list in a way that maximizes your earnings.
  • Earn: On the Home tab, you can track how many eBoxTops you have earned through the ShopRite For My School program. Also, you can see the number of cumulative eBoxTops you have earned for your chosen school since registering for the program. Clipped Box Tops and Bonus Box Tops earned outside of the ShopRite For My School program will not appear within these earnings.
  • Your chosen school will be automatically credited with your ShopRite For My School earnings and there is nothing that you will need to turn in to your school’s Box Tops for Education Coordinator.
  • Schools will receive ShopRite For My School eBoxTops earnings and sweepstakes winnings in up to two checks per year. The check issued on or around December 15th, 2016 will reflect the amounts confirmed from March 2, 2016 through November 1, 2016, except in the instance that a school accrues total earnings of less than $20.00. A payment made on or around April 15, 2017 will reflect the amounts confirmed from November 2, 2016 through March 1, 2017, as well as the earnings for the entire school year to those schools who did not qualify to receive a payment during the December 2016 check run. Any earnings confirmed after March 2, 2017 would be included in the check to the school in December 2017.
  • The ShopRite for My School program will run the entire school year (7/31/16 – 7/30/17).