Homeroom Parents

Listed below please find the current assignments for Homeroom Parents.  QUESTIONS?  CONTACT Jessica at BTPTA@btpta.org

Homeroom parents have been selected. The selection process was unusually difficult this year as there were a high number of volunteers we could not place because there were as many as seven volunteers in some classes and none, one or two in others.  If you did not get selected or did not get your first priority, please be aware that our goal is to fill as many positions as possible using as many volunteers as we can. We take into account first the number of volunteers available for a particular classroom, whether this is a first-time opportunity for a child, and then the priority of the selection.

  CONLEY HOMEROOM PARENTS:   The use of assistants will be decided by the Homeroom Parents and the individual teachers. The PTA did not perform any formal selection of assistants. We will provide to our homeroom parents any persons who were not selected for the lead positions.   HOPPOCK HOMEROOM PARENTS:   We will continue to conduct our Hoppock Homeroom Parties in a consolidated fashion, reducing the need for volunteers and creating a more uniform party setting across the school. The three simple Hoppock parties will be planned at the school/grade level to create consistent parties and eliminate the need to have so many people planning the same event. The change also has eliminated the need for two homeroom parents per class as volunteers at Hoppock are generally more difficult to find!



Teacher Grade Homeroom Parent(s)
Mergott K
Murphy K
Bitters 1
Carroll 1
Ferrullo 2
Knaub 2
Harper 3
Manning 3
Greco 4
Thompson 4
Brotzman 5
Lanner 5
Puzio 5
6th Grade 6
7th Grade 7
8th Grade 8