Homeroom Parents

Dear Conley Parents,

I hope that this letter finds you all well! It’s that time of year once again when the Bethlehem Township PTA (BTPTA) is seeking volunteers to be Homeroom Parents. For any families who may be unfamiliar with Homeroom Parents, their role is to coordinate and help with classroom parties, assist your classroom teacher as requested and to represent the class at PTA and Board of Education meetings.

If you have been a homeroom parent in previous years, don’t hesitate to put in another, just keep in mind that we will try to give parents who have not yet had the experience priority.

This school year, only PTA members will be considered for the role of Homeroom Parent. Don’t worry, it’s easy to join and membership provides you with a school directory as well as the chance to effect what happens in your child’s school on a regular basis.

Homeroom Parents will also be required to complete an Allergy Awareness Training Video in order to earn a certificate, which ensures that you have a clear understanding of what a child with allergies may require while at school.

You can become a BTPTA member right here on our website and of course feel free to email me with questions.

Please volunteer by Wednesday, September 6th.  Homeroom Parents will be notified by Friday, September 11th if you have been chosen.

Any time and effort you can give will be greatly appreciated!

All the best,

Jess Gleason

BTPTA Parent-Teacher Liaison (Conley)


  CONLEY HOMEROOM PARENTS:   The use of assistants will be decided by the Homeroom Parents and the individual teachers. The PTA did not perform any formal selection of assistants. We will provide to our homeroom parents any persons who were not selected for the lead positions.

HOPPOCK HOMEROOM PARENTS:   We will continue to conduct our Hoppock Homeroom Parties in a consolidated fashion, reducing the need for volunteers and creating a more uniform party setting across the school. The three simple Hoppock parties will be planned at the school/grade level to create consistent parties and eliminate the need to have so many people planning the same event. The change also has eliminated the need for two homeroom parents per class as volunteers at Hoppock are generally more difficult to find!